RIKI RACHTMAN. "One Foot In The Gutter" is coming to Las Vegas July 22nd

Riki Rachtman to give EXCLUSIVE tours at

The Punk Rock Museum July 19,20,21

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Back in 1986, years before he was the infamous host of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, Riki Rachtman transformed a rundown Los Angeles disco into a one night-a-week dance club that would play nothing but rock music. Why? To have a place he and his friends could hang out, get free drinks and meet girls. Remember this was 1986 Riki teamed up with Taime Downe, the singer of the rock band Faster Pussycat, little did they know it would become, not only a part of rock history, but a music and fashion culture that defined The Los Angeles rock scene. Some of the biggest bands in the world played the Cathouse. Guns n Roses, Megadeth , Alice Cooper, Pearljam, Motorhead just to name a few. it wasn’t the bands that played Cathouse to make this club truly World Famous.